Metal Roofing

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Learn About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become one of SW Florida's most desirable roofing materials today! People are often under the impression that a metal roof is very expensive and off limits to most. Over the years the cost has come down substantially making it a very popular choice. Metal can be made to resemble shingles, wood shakes and even tile, enjoy the durability of metal without sacrificing your style!  Roof Smart offers free estimates, 100% satisfaction, and free wind mitigation on your new metal roof.

Some of the numerous benefits of metal roof

  • Lifetime Warranties
  • Energy Efficient
  • Light Weight
  • Fire Resistance
  • Variety of Profiles & Colors
  • Maximum Wind Resistance

If you're looking for a lifetime roof with wind resistance of upt to 180 mph, then metal roofing is your choice! Visit our showroom today and see the variety of options available.

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The classic look of tile, the benefits of metal!

PERMATILE offers you the look of tile with all the advantages of metal. Some of the features include: Lightweight, Durable, Low Maintenance, Wind Rated up to 180mph & a huge color selection. Roof Smart is preferred installers for Permatile Roofing. Visit our showroom to learn more about PERMATILE!

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Frequently Asked Metal Roofing Questions

Roof Smart is happy to make our customers the most informed customers around. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Here are a few questions that our customers have asked:

1. Q: I have a shingle roof now but I want to go with a tile roof. Can I put a tile roof on my house??

A: Check the history of your home. If your shingle roof is the second roof and the home was originally built for tile then it is usually no problem to go back with tile. When a home is built for tile then it is usually no problem to go back with tile.  On a rare occasion some structures have a shingle roof that was built for tile. This would be no problem to go tile. If you still want that tile look but meet none of these criteria ask your knowledgeable Roof Smart representative about our metal specialty products that look like tile. You can install them on any structure without the weight. They also come with excellent wind ratings and product warranties up to the 50 years and come in a variety of popular colors. The only way to know for sure is to have a certified engineer check your roof.

2. Q: I want to replace my old shingle roof with a new metal roof. Will it be noisy in a rain storm??

A: A lot has changed since we heard about “rain on the old tin roof” Many older structures with metal roofs had little to no insulation between your ceiling and the roof. Several structures were also built with split sheathing standing on an open porch. You could look up and actually see the bottom side of the metal panels between the spaces in the wood decking.  Yes, all of these would produce a lot of noise during rain. Today our demand for energy efficiency has most attics well insulated and most decking is solid instead of spaced. The underlayment we use on all metal roofs has somewhat of a cushioned surface and also cuts down on noise and vibration.